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Missing teeth can be a major inconvenience for people. Not only does it make regular biting and chewing more difficult or painful, but it can also be a source of physical insecurity and embarrassment. Luckily, today’s dental advancements allow for dental implants to replace missing teeth that look and act just like real teeth.

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How does a dental implant work?

An artificial root is implanted into the mouth through a surgical procedure that permanently anchors the titanium implant to the jaw bone. This procedure provides extremely durable and long-lasting results as the artificial root eventually fuses with the jaw bone. The dental implant can hold a complete replacement tooth or provide support for other types of dental fixtures, such as crowns, bridges or dentures.

More patients are turning to dental implants over the traditional options of bridges or dentures to replace missing or damaged teeth. The technology and materials behind dental implants have advanced to a point where this service is easier and more affordable than ever. The proven functionality and reliable results of dental implants are quickly making them one of the most requested treatments for dental patients.

If you’re interested in getting a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, you can schedule an in-depth consultation with one of the Cosmetic Dental Point's dentists to confirm the best option for you. Patients who are missing a higher number of teeth or who require a tooth to be extracted will usually benefit the most from this procedure.

What’s involved with a dental implant procedure?

Initial exam

The first thing your dentist or oral surgeon will do is assess whether or not your jaw bone is strong enough to handle a dental implant effectively. This can be determined by the use of x-rays, teeth impressions and other necessary scans to collect information, such as the thickness and density of your jaw. Also, the affected area will be thoroughly examined to make sure a dental implant is the ideal treatment option for your situation. If the dental professional decides an implant is the best choice, your surgery will be scheduled.

Surgery preparations

Prior to the dental implant surgery, your dentist or oral surgeon may instruct you to do certain things or refrain from others to properly prep for the surgery. Depending on your specific circumstance, you may have to use an antibacterial mouthwash, start an antibiotic regimen, or switch your diet for a period of time. If you are a smoker, you will need to refrain from smoking to better prepare the mouth and gums for your dental implant surgery.

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