Root Canal Therapy

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If you’re experiencing a persistent toothache or swelling in the mouth, you may need a root canal to clear an infection. Cosmetic Dental Point’s root canal experts in Sydney / Kellyville / Castle Hill can help you get relief while making sure your teeth stay healthy and strong. Our dentists are always dedicated to providing the most comfortable and positive environment for those in our care.

Cosmetic Dental Point accepts most dental insurances and have flexible payment options for patients in Sydney (Kellyville and Castle Hill) with no insurance coverage.

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How is a root canal done?

Several steps are involved with a root canal:

  • The area surrounding the affected tooth is numbed with a local anesthetic.
  • The dentist will open the tooth using a dental drill to expose the pulp chamber.
  • The dentist will then clean the canals leading to the pulp roots to remove all bacteria and infection present. The canals may also need to be reshaped at this point.
  • The tooth will then be filled with a temporary filler material and topped with a temporary crown.
  • Another visit to the dentist is required to remove the temporary filler and to clean the tooth again. The tooth is then filled with a permanent material.
  • The dentist then covers the tooth with a new permanent crown.

What are the benefits of a root canal?

Prevention of tooth loss

The biggest benefit of a root canal is saving the infected tooth before it becomes so damaged that it has to be pulled. By removing the infected pulp and nerves, the tooth is preserved and can function normally with a dental crown.

Eliminates pain

Most patients in need of a root canal experience acute pain and some swelling prior to treatment because of the infection. A root canal will stop the pain and prevent further sensitivity in that tooth.

Stop the infection from spreading

The procedure removes the infected tissue in the tooth before it can spread to the surrounding teeth, gums or other areas of the mouth. If the infection continues without treatment, it has the potential to be very harmful to your overall wellbeing, including your cardiovascular health. A root canal will prevent further damage that the infection could cause.

Treatment can last a lifetime

Once the root canal is done, it’s very likely that no further work will ever be needed on that tooth for the rest of a patient’s life. Your dentist will give you special care instructions if necessary to prolong the life of the tooth.

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